TPN Credit Bureau Rental Monitor Q2 2009

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TPN releases the Q2 Rental Statistics, available by clicking here: TPN Rental Monitor Q2 2009.
One of the main drivers behind TPN Credit Bureau is the collection and reporting of tenant payment behaviour across all categories of tenants. Estate agents and investors managing a variety of property portfolios are better served to make educated decisions regarding client or property acquisition, collection policies or lease cancellation assessments.
Although the TPN rental payment trend mirrored the declining consumer credit trend into Q1 2009, we have however noted an improvement for the second quarter 2009. It is still too early to be certain, but declining interest rates putting more cash in the hands of tenants may have improved cash flow in terms of meeting non-credit expenses such as rent.

Thank you to all our valued contributing members for enabling TPN to put together our quarterly Rental Monitor.

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