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The 2010 mood is certainly more positive than the previous 18 months. And the beginning of a new year provides a fresh start to review your strategy for your business and personal goals. There is no better time to take stock of our Property Investment goals. After-all we own property to increase our personal wealth either through a monthly income or capital growth.

Tip 1
What is your Plan of Action
– Set your goals; Know your budget

It is no secret, people or businesses that excel have short, medium and log term plan of actions. They do no bumble through life hoping to “Arrive”.

January provides the perfect time to clean the slate and take stock. If you have not already done so, spend some quiet time making a list of the things you would like to achieve this year and most importantly a plan of how you intend arriving there. The plan of action is only the start. Set manageable monthly targets that you can review each and every month to make sure you are on track.

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