Landlords beware - scamsters pose as world charity staffers

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One of TPN's members was scammed recently. Old scam but new spin - please click on this link to read the scam: Landlords Beware:

Follow up from our member indicates that this individual has been very busy in the B&B and hotel industry as well. I have copied and pasted Pat's follow-up for everyone's notice.

Hi Michelle,
I have been corresponding with several other owners of guest houses and b n
b's regarding this Harry Van Zyl.

As you can see below, Dr. Rupert has now advised of this scam as the
criminal was using his name and details too! What a cheek! Needless to say,
I am certain he will be found very soon, City Lodge and numerous other
places were also conned, always the same or similar story.

One guest lodge actually realised he was staying there last Friday (in
Sandhurst) when the owner saw the email scam warning, and she called the
police. Unfortunately the criminal jumped an 8 foot wall and got away, but
they do have CCTV pictures. He used a false ID number at the last lodge,
which also triggered a suspicion when the owner checked him out.

Thanks for your email regarding the media. I will keep you advised. Perhaps
you should put something about him in your blog or somewhere on your website
for the protection of other agents and owners who may also be duped.

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