Confidentiality of the tenant’s credit profile

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I am often asked “can the estate agent show the tenant’s credit report to the landlord or to the tenant directly”

The estate agent is acting as an agent on the landlord’s behalf when placing a tenant. Part of placing the tenant is a risk assessment, achieved via the tenant’s credit report. Ultimately should the tenant default, the risk and loss is bourne by the landlord.

The landlord has a right to inspect the tenant’s credit report before deciding on whether or not they are happy to sign the lease agreement with the prospective tenant. In fact TPN recommends all estate agents present the tenant’s credit report with the application to lease to the landlord and that the tenant’s credit report is signed off at the same time the landlord signs the lease agreement.

The estate agent or landlord is not allowed to provide the tenant with a copy their own credit profile - however you may inform the tenant their application was declined due to bad credit on which ever credit bureau.

The tenant can contact TPN for further information and counselling regarding their credit profile.

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