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10 years ago TPN was launched into the property industry. On the 24th May 2000 Northgate Properties took a leap of faith with us and signed up as our first member. They are still members – although they now operate from the Western Cape!

At that time our vision was for TPN to be a household name in the property industry; a brand that our members would be proud to use.

10 years on and these are some of the ways our brand is used:

I was tickled pink to read Selection Estates’ advert in the Property Trader. Selection Estates had a list of Rentals – but referred the reader to http://www.rentbay.co.za/ for more detailed information. RentBay is a TPN hosted free property rental listing website. (Did you know that TPN had 65,000 rental averts viewed by prospective tenants in May 2010.

Plovers Realty had the TPN affiliate logo enlarged to take up the entire front window of their shopfront.

We supply all our members with free TPN affiliated stickers for their property To Let boards, GB Properties took this concept one step further by incorporating the TPN affiliated logo into the print work of their boards.

I receive many emails from our members (too many to list), where our member has the TPN affiliated logo in their signature; or the TPN logo in their lease agreement, application form and other marketing.

Thank you, our members for the last 10 years; I am looking forward to sharing the next ten with you all!

Happy letting!

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