Consumer Protection Act - proposed regulations

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The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies has published the proposed Consumer Protection Act regulations for public comment. The Minister must first publish the proposed regulations for public comment. After consideration of inputs, the final regulations will be published by the Minister in the Government Gazette, prior to the general effective date: 1st April 2011

Please click here to read the proposed regulations:

I have highlighted the following sections for closer inspection in terms of Property Rentals
• Section 4, page 13 – 18 deals with Mechanisms to block direct marketing
• Section 5, page 18 deals with prohibited time for contacting consumers
• Section 6(1), page 18 deals with the maximum length of a fixed terms agreement: 24 months
• Section 6(2), page 18 deals with the reasonable cancellation fee of a fixed term agreement: Maximum of 10% of the remainder of the fees due in terms of the contract. (Read with the CPA: The tenant may cancel at any time during the fixed term agreement by giving 20 business days’ notice).
• Section 12, page 22 – 23 deals with Information to be disclosed by intermediary

Please click here to read the Consumer Protection Act:

Once the final regulations are published, TPN and Marlon Shevelew and Associates will host our next Consumer Protection Act Seminar.

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