FNB-TPN Residential Property Yield

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TPN & FNB have teamed up to produce another piece of the buy-to-let toolkit: Residential Property Yield data.
TPN’s rental data overlaid with FNB’s house price data and Automated Valuation Models (AVM) produces the Residential Yield.
Investors are now able to enjoy the benefits of understanding the Gross National Average Yield; as well as the different yields on Sectional Title vs. Full Title; further categorised by number of bedrooms. Effectively profiling which residential property category works harder for its value.
Click here to read the full report: FNB-TPN Residential Yield

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  1. I would be interested in how the estimation of 1.5% came about in order to move from a gross to a net yield.

    A R2m freestanding house at 8.58% gross yield would achieve R14,300 in rent each month. The 1.5% allowance equates to R214.50.

    However, the rates on a property of that value would be almost R1000 per month in Cape Town. This excludes any maintenance, repairs or levies on sectional title properties.

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  5. Great post and wonderful report. Interesting to see a tool like that being implemented. I have already put it to use judging my Barbeque downs property I recently acquired.

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