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As we all know, South Africa is a rainbow nation, encompassing many different cultures, religions and of course languages. Whilst English is often deemed to be the “universal” language of choice, TPN has been asked time and time again to expand its document suite so as to take into account South Africa’s other official languages. This is echoed in the Rental Housing Amendment Bill which is due to come into force shortly and envisages lease agreements being drafted in all 11 official languages going forward.

It is for this reason that TPN is so incredibly excited this month to introduce the Afrikaans version of the TPN LeasePack. At this point in time, there are four new documents available in the Afrikaans Lease Pack:
  • The Afrikaans versions of both the CPA and non-CPA residential lease agreement.
  • The Afrikaans versions of both the CPA and non-CPA mandate agreement.
There has been a great demand for the translation of the documents in question. The exercise of actually translating the documents was quite a task and there were a few concerns raised about what the outcome would be were the translated documents to end up in front of a Court of law or the Rental Housing Tribunal.
Importantly our documents are version controlled and the Afrikaans version mirrors the English version clause for clause. All future updates to the documents will be applied to both English and Afrikaans simultaneously.
Luckily, given that South Africa is such a rainbow nation, interpreters are available at any given time to assist where parties speak different languages. These interpreters are usually proficient in many of the 11 official languages and will therefore be able to easily translate the documents that may be the subject of the dispute in question.

Our drafting attorneys have taken great care to ensure that any potential legal hitches are avoided. As has been the case with the English Lease Pack, TPN will offer full support to you when it comes to any legal queries pertaining to the Afrikaans version of the Lease Pack.
 At this stage, only the most pertinent documents, the mandate agreements and the lease agreements have been translated but we will expand on this going forward and add many more translated documents to the mix. We have started with the Afrikaans translation of the Lease Pack as the demand in this regard was the highest - but there are no boundaries as to how far TPN can and will push the language boundaries going forward. So, watch this space carefully!

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