CPA vs. NCA - Letters of Demand and Blacklisting

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  1. After months and months of non payment and many indulgences , I have decided to finally send a final demand letter to my tenant who left with no notice and lots of damages to my property. He has promised to pay all the arrears back over time, however it has become beyond a joke with his payments and attitude and is working abroad. I no longer want to indulge him any longer and would like to now send him a 20 business day notice to pay and then blacklist him. I have indulged him for a year this month and he left with no notice in January. Please advise as to procedure taking the above into account. He is no longer in the property and is paying in drips and drabs which was not our original agreement. He now has a permanent job abroad and is dragging his feet . This has gone on for over. Year . I was hoping not to get to this point but I’m done now and need to finalise this

    1. Hi VSC, happy to advise. Please email:, and we will assist with specific advice for your situation.