School fee collections during lockdown

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For many parents and schools alike, we are in uncharted waters.

At the best of times, school fee collections can be challenging. Now that we are in national lockdown, many consumers are declaring that their earnings are at risk.

The state of disaster that was declared on the 15th of March 2020 will last for 3 months, but the President can either extend or shorten that time.

Consumers have indicated that their earnings are at risk due to retrenchment, shortened working hours, lack of commission or being placed on temporary unpaid leave. And, many don’t know how long that will remain the case.

Public Schools - Exemptions

In terms of the Schools Act, parents are entitled to apply for partial or conditional exemption of school fees through existing regulations.

Private Schools - Income Declaration Application

For private schools and nursery schools, TPN has created an Income Declaration document which allows the parent to indicate to the school the reason that their earnings are at risk.

Private Schools - School Fee Deferment Agreement

The private or nursery school can then choose to enter into a Deferment of School Fee Agreement with parents who are currently in good standing with their school fees.

What this means is that parents will be given a payment holiday while we are in a state of disaster. Once the state of disaster has been lifted, the parent agrees to re-pay the school in instalments for the loss of school fees during this period, for the balance of the academic year.

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The Income Declaration Document and the School Fee Deferment Agreement are both available on the TPN Shop - the documents are free to use.

The TPN legal team are a
vailable as always on 0861 876 000 for advice and guidance. Through innovation and determined action, we will be able to navigate to safer shores before long.


The School Fee Recovery Pack was created for parents who have legitimately lost part of or all of their income. Through the Income Declaration application, the school is able to verify the application because the parent consents to the school contacting the employer and providing supporting documentation such as payroll for proof of shortened hours, retrenchment letter, bank statements etc.

Parents who have actually had a loss of earnings can apply for the School Fee Deferment Agreement which puts the school in a very strong legal position as it includes an agreement to repay the deferred payment back in instalments.

We recommend that the Income Declaration and School Fee Deferment Agreement is used for parents in good standing at 31 March 2020.

TPN encourages all schools to continue with their collection process, send their data files to to initiate the credit bureau notification SMS and continue to send out letters of demand. The letters will be processed via SMS and email immediately and prepared for submission to the SA Post Office on the day after lockdown ends. 

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