Navigating COVID-19 as part of the TPN Community

To our TPN Community,

As the situation regarding COVID-19 unfolds in South Africa, TPN is taking every measure possible to keep our staff, our clients and our community safe.

We continue to be there for you in every way and we are focusing all our efforts on how to navigate these uncertain times. The potential impact on the economy and the rental industry could be a serious one.

We appreciate your growing list of concerns which we will address this week:

- The Gauteng Division of the High Court are not hearing any new matters unless urgent and no person may enter the Court building for issuing a new process.
- Many businesses and their employees have contacted landlords to report that their rent may be at risk, for example, an events company that has had all their events cancelled.
- Health and safety concerns regarding incoming and outgoing inspections.

While staying calm, we have developed a disaster plan that will be available in the next week. It offers a life-line that could deeply impact landlords and their tenants in the form of a Rental Recovery Plan.

Our teams who can, will be working remotely. We have cancelled all forms of business related travel and in-person meetings. Scheduled TPN training events will now be held via Live Webinar on the TPN YouTube channel.

Please join us in rising to meet the challenges we are faced with together! Through innovation, quick action and our phenomenal community, we will emerge stronger and more equipped to embrace a fast-changing future.

To perform credit checks remotely, please access the TPN SMS function on 43876. Our Data, Legal and Support teams can still be reached on 0861 876 000.

Stay safe and please reach out to my team for help.

Michelle Dickens
MD of TPN Credit Bureau

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