COVID-19 Update: Lockdown Level 4

As we approach the end of Level 5 in lockdown, we are anxiously awaiting clarity on what Level 4 means for landlords, tenants and estate agents.

Together with our drafting attorneys, SSLR Inc. and Fullard Mayer Morrison Inc., we have reviewed the draft regulations.

SSLR Inc. have made a submission to government on behalf of the property industry, specifically to provide clarity on when tenants may move house dependent on the lockdown level. We expect feedback by noon on Tuesday the 28th of April.

Until the regulations and directives for Level 4 have formally been published, no-one is in a position to make a definitive decision on whether a tenant is able to move on the 1st of May, or on any of the questions that are dependent on a decision still to be clarified by government.

As it stands, there has been no change in terms of evictions and the operation of the Sheriff; which effectively means a moratorium on evictions.

As soon as we are able to definitively guide you on the way forward in Level 4, we will update you immediately!

We can and we will find a way through these trying times together.

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