Pack your bags, you can move!

The initial Directions issued on 7 May 2020 for the once-off movement for relocation have been repealed and replaced with new Directions published on 13 May 2020. 

With immediate effect, the Permit for once-off movement to relocate is extended to:
  • all residential and commercial lease agreements
  • the transfer of property
  • movement necessitated due to domestic violence

Whereas the repealed Directions were for the period of 7 May to 7 June 2020, these new Directions have no limitation on time frame.

Question 1: Do people / businesses require a permit to move?

Yes, Form 1 of the Directions of the Directions include a Permit to Relocate which must be stamped and signed by the SAPS Station Commander or a person designated by him/her, or the Head of Court.

The Permit to Relocate indicates the “Date of Travel” which will corresponded to the commencement date of the new lease agreement or the occupation date of the offer to purchase.

Question 2: What supporting documents are required for the Permit to Relocate to be authorised?

Tenants must produce both the old lease agreement indicating the date of expiry and the new lease agreement indicating the date of commencement. Importantly, there is no restriction on when the lease agreement was entered into.

Home owners must provide proof of purchase and occupation date or transfer documents. An important point, there is no restriction on if/when the property was transferred.

Persons relocating due to domestic violence, must provide a domestic violence order.

Question 3: Is a Permit to Relocate already granted still valid?

Yes, a Permit to Relocate already granted remains in force.

Question 4: Can furniture removal companies move people and businesses?

Yes, furniture removal companies may transport household or office furniture and effects.

Question 5: Do estate agents need to be registered as an essential service and have a Permit to perform key handover and inspections?

Question 6: Can estate agents perform property viewings and show houses?

No, the Disaster Management Regulations have not changed, these new Directions allow Permits for Relocation and the role of the estate agent’s essential service is limited to facilitating this relocation.

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  1. Can we make use of a gardner to help clean the yard of the new house before moving as there are lots of trees and plants that needs to be removed and might be dangerous as someone can easily hide behind these trees and bushes. Can the seller make use of a business to fumigate the house that is sold or must they clean the house themselves?