We need your tenant vacancies for 2020 Q2!

The 2020 Q1 Survey was conducted the month before the National State of Disaster was declared. Tenants were restricted from moving which severely impacted the 1st of April relocation of tenants. Although the restriction on tenant relocation was partially lifted on the 1st of May, it was only on the 7th of May that all relocation restrictions were removed. 

There is no doubt that this will have long term impact on the recovery of the residential rental market, driving down tenant good standing in the short term and limiting escalations as tenants look to downscale.

Now more than ever, we need your help to submit your vacancies for 2020 Q2 data during lockdown!
Results - Vacancy Survey 2020 Q1

Landlords will enjoy the declining vacancy rate of 7.47% for 2020 Q1. Vacancies peaked at 9.72% two quarters previously. No doubt the low escalations of 2.94% have helped secure tenants for longer occupation in existing properties. 

Tenants are particularly price sensitive as revealed in the TPN Tenant Survey which indicated that the majority of tenants "choose" to rent because they cannot afford to buy. 

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