Introducing the SalesPack Wiki playlist!

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The property sales process is filled with technical terms and legal loop holes, clauses are daunting and difficult to understand, especially for first time buyers. 

Introducing the TPN SalesPack Wiki! 

How does it work? The buyer or seller now has the ability to click on the ASK TPN link in the Offer to Purchase for instant clarity on:


The Schedule - clause 1 
Suspensive Conditions - clause 6 
Cooling Off Period - clause 8 
Occupational Rent - clause 9 
Voetstoots - clause 16 
Signature - clause 25 

A quick, successful sale is simple when both parties understand the material terms of the agreement. 

New TPN Wikis will be added monthly. In the meantime, test out the ASK TPN Wiki on clauses 1, 6, 8, 9, 16 and 25 in the sample TPN Offer to Purchase

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