Important update

In light of the Experian data breach, I would like to take a moment to reassure our clients that your data is safe and secure and that TPN does not share consumer or business credit information of any kind with Experian. Your data has not been compromised or involved in the Experian data breach.

The RentCheck / SmartCheck enquiry is a combination of TPN, TransUnion, SACRRA, Deeds and CIPC data. TPN’s data is secure and you can safely perform enquiries without any concern.

It is a relief to know that, as reported by IOL today, the perpetrator’s “hardware has been impounded and the misappropriated data secured and deleted.”

Please remember to treat every request to confirm a password, pin or personal information telephonically or via email with extreme caution. Rather hang up the phone and call the institution back yourself to verify the validity of the request.

And if you are unsure, please reach out to our Helpdesk for assistance!

Michelle Dickens
MD of TPN Credit Bureau

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