Furnished holiday leases. Why you need an inventory.

After a long 2020 of not being allowed to travel, families are planning their holidays within South Africa and you as the owner of a beautiful house with ocean or mountain views are ready to secure some fantastic short-term rental income.

Whilst the thought of high short-term rental income is something to be excited about, it is not without its risks. A lot of damage can be caused to a fully furnished unit within a short space of time and as a result, the importance of good property inspections cannot be understated.

Prior to a short-term tenant it is vital to know exactly what items you have in your property as well as the condition of those items. This will allow you to have a baseline by which you can compare when you conduct an outgoing inspection. If you then determine that damage has been caused by the short-term tenant, you as a landlord have the necessary proof to hold the short-term tenant responsible for that damage.

Another aspect of holiday rentals that is of vital importance is the implementation of comprehensive house rules. When people are on holiday it is only natural that they loosen up and let their hair down. This can lead to a level of disruption that they would not ordinarily emit at home. This can be fine where the entirety of the area is exclusively holiday units, or where the property is far enough away from neighbours. 

However, it should be remembered that often the areas that people go on holiday overlap with areas where people go to retire. This can lead to noise complaints and a disturbance to those that live in the area permanently.

A well-constructed and comprehensive set of house rules should be in place to try and limit these disturbances and these house rules should be referenced and attached to your holiday lease agreement.

The holiday season is upon us, and it can be a profitable time for short-term landlords. Make sure you maximise this with the use of a purpose drafted holiday lease which is available in the TPN Residential LeasePack, available at https://shop.tpn.co.za/Product/ResidentialPack

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