Yes, you can contract out of Gross Negligence!

Disclaimer Notices (sometimes also referred to as “indemnities” or “exemptions”) are a common feature of shopping centres, office blocks, residential complexes, parking areas, sports stadiums, concert venues, retail premises and other spaces. 

The need for a Disclaimer Notice has arisen because, in our law, an owner or occupier of premises has a legal duty to ensure that persons who might access those premises are not injured, or do not suffer a loss, because of dangerous conditions existing on those premises. 

A properly worded and prominently displayed Disclaimer Notice is an important tool in the management of an owner’s liability risk. Your disclaimer is only as strong as the wording that you use! With that in mind, TPN has created three Disclaimer Notices with varying levels of protection that balance the need for brevity with adequate protection. 

The three new Disclaimer Notices have been included in the TPN Commercial LeasePack to give owners the maximum protection against the risk of liability.

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