Are you ready? Get your POPI Score and see for yourself ...

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires every business to have a Personal Information Impact Assessment. Luckily, it’s launch day today! 

The TPN team has pulled out all the stops to develop and perfect a simplified system that guides you in a step-by-step process through the POPI Act. Included in the new POPI-Portal is a personalised Impact Assessment for your business, an Action Plan that allows you to continuously improve how personal information is accessed, stored and used throughout your business, and full access to the TPN POPI-Pack

Ready to get started? 3 steps to POPI Compliance:

STEP 1: Get your Free POPI Readiness Score

STEP 2: Watch the TPN POPI Webinar

STEP 3: Get Compliant - Perform your Personal Information Impact Assessment

POPI Compliance is an ongoing process in your business - we recognise the enormity of the task to perform your Personal Information Impact Assessment, so we have scheduled webinars every 2 weeks to address each area of your business: Governance, People, Process and Technology.

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