We need your tenant vacancies for 2020 Q4!

In the most volatile year we have experienced as an industry, we need your help!

You have valuable information to share that impacts on the national vacancy rates for the 4th quarter of 2020. Let’s end the year off empowered with all the information we need to thrive in our economic recovery together.

Your time is precious and valued, so the survey is quick and simple to complete: 

Please click here to complete the 2020 Q4 TPN Vacancy Survey

Results of the Vacancy Survey 2020 Q3

As a thank you for your unique contribution, we are happy to share the results from the Vacancy Survey for 2020 Q3!

As expected, no sector of the rental market was left unscathed with double-digit vacancies across the board. Although affordable properties in the R4,500 to R7,000 and R7,000 to R12,000 range, 10.31% and 10.34% vacancies respectively being the least impacted. 

Now more than ever, a vacant property may be preferable to a squatting tenant. Although Lockdown Regulations dramatically suspended landlords’ rights to execute on their eviction orders, we are relieved to be able to report that evictions are being granted again. A bright light!

Please click here to read the 2020 Q3 TPN Vacancy Report

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