Roadmap to buying from a deceased estate

My mom passed 4 years ago. Suddenly, unexpectedly, in the middle of the ocean, cruising the world with my dad.

Many of you will remember my mom from our early TPN days back in 2000. She was the persistent telesales lady setting up my first 5 months and 24 days of TPN sales appointments always encouraging me to crack our first deal! (Can you believe it took 145 days of daily sales grind to sign our first client - Northgate Properties.)

She was persistent, practical, and planned everything.

So when she passed, her Last Will was in her “Death” file. Yes, she labelled her black lever arch file “Death” and penned her wishes, right down to the hymns for the church service.

That file was a blessing for my dad, my brother and me. Her clear instructions our guiding light.

Sadly, many deceased estates are left without a Will, creating complications and slowing down the process of winding up of the estate.

The road map to buying a property from a deceased estate will take into consideration if the estate property was included in a Will or part of an intestate estate. Or worse, if the seller passed away prior to transfer … are there heirs with a claim, or multiple dissenting heirs, or minor heirs, or insufficient liquidity in the estate forcing a sale of property?

Read the Roadmap to Buying from a Deceased Estate here:

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