Our most comprehensive LeasePack update yet!

The TPN Residential LeasePack is a living set of documents reviewed regularly to include the latest changes in legislation and case law that evolves with each update to clarify and improve on the legal terms used in every clause.

This minimises the risk of not just ambiguity but the loss of damages claims. An excellent example is the consequences that could arise from confusing 'cancellation' with the 'termination' of a lease agreement.

In the end, should you cancel or terminate a lease?

Landlords and tenants use the terms ‘cancellation’ and ‘termination’ interchangeably, often unaware of the profound difference in choosing one term over the other!

While the two terms seem to describe a similar outcome, they are actually widely removed in legal meaning. To find out what those differences are and why it matters, read the full article here.


In our most comprehensive LeasePack update yet, we have included ‘termination’ to the Lease Agreements to provide a separate legal meaning from ‘cancellation.’ Another significant addition is the new provision drafted for POPI Act compliance, Data Protection Legislation and a change to enable a lease to be signed via electronic signature.

In total, 20 documents have been updated over multiple clauses - the Lease Agreements are now at Version 6.7! To see a full list of changes, please click here.

To stay up to date with the latest changes in law, download the Residential LeasePack here.

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