Adjusted Alert Level 4 - what it means for the property industry

We are back to Alert Level 4 but this time round with fewer restrictions. Here are the latest government regulations and how they impact on the property industry.

Evictions: There is no change to evictions and rental housing laws. A Court order is required to evict a tenant, and the Court has the power to stay or suspend the eviction unless it is not just and equitable for the tenant to remain in the property.

Movement to and from Gauteng: Movement to and from Gauteng for work is allowed with a permit (Form 7). Movement to and from Gauteng is allowed for moving to a new place of residence, but travel to and from the province for leisure is prohibited.

Whilst the Regulations themselves do not require it, the prescribed forms annexed to the latest Regulations suggest the intention that a sworn affidavit (Form 6) is required should you be moving residence inter-provincially either to or from Gauteng.

Download the Adjusted Alert Level 4 Regulations and Forms here.

Working from home: all those who are able to work from home must do so.

It may seem at times that the road we are on is never-ending, but there will be an end, and we will reach it by walking through our toughest times together.

Please reach out to the TPN Team, we are here to support you. 

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