Industry Hacks: TPN Squat Index Explained 2021 Q1

The TPN Squat Index profiles the number of tenants, on a monthly basis, who fall into a category of non-payment for a minimum of four months ... and in some instances, even up to 18 months of non-payment!

The current data shows that prior to lockdown, 0.5% - 0.8% of tenants had not paid their rent for a minimum of four months.

As we hit hard lockdown in 2020, that number almost doubled to 1.8% but as the restriction on movement was eased, the number of squatting tenants declined to 0.9% in November 2020.
Currently, that number is rising with 1.4% of tenants in 4 months of non-payment.

Watch Michelle and Peter explain the TPN Squat Index for 2021 Q1:

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