How to use technology to bust criminals

In some cases, spotting identity theft is easy, but the use of technology and fraudsters who are committed to going undetected has made it almost impossible for the untrained eye to distinguish between a real person and identity fraud.

TPN has launched Anti-Fraud Biometrics to help our clients fight fraudulent applicants.

How does ID Biometrics work? Your applicant receives an SMS to perform the liveliness test using the camera on their phone. The ID Verification will be returned immediately to protect your organisation against fraudsters.

It only takes 5 simple steps to uncover identity theft in an application:

  1. Login to
  2. Select Consumer Enquiry
  3. Enter application details
  4. Select ID Verification
  5. Select ID Biometrics

To learn more, watch our video 'How to use technology to bust criminals' here:

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